Starting in 2022 we will offer week-long / full immersion cooking classes in Abruzzo and Puglia Italy, as well as other regions of Italy. This program is different than our specialty - Chef-inspired Tours which are available on this site. You will spend the week visiting a particular city where you will visit central markets and specialty stores purchasing and tasting foods. You will then return to our selected home-base, change your clothes, and put on an apron. Together with Chef Walter and local resident chefs, you will embark on the preparation of the dinner for the evening. If you are into cooking and nutrition wellness this program is for you. Immerse yourself into the culture of the Italians, cook alongside them, and truly understand the reasons of why is called "THE MOTHER OF ALL CUISINES".

A detailed program will be available soon. We hope you'll join us! It is fun trust me! Chef Walter

7 days
6 night
20 hours cooking lessons / Monday to Friday
Daily Excursions....and much more!

Cooking course in Puglia and Abruzzo