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Spring comes early to the Mediterranean and in Puglia, Criss-crossed by groves of gnarled old olive trees and stone walls, the interior is largely flat and, by summer, bleached. The coast is alternately straight, with windswept sandy beaches, and rugged, with rocky coves. The light is sharp, the Adriatic Sea cobalt-blue. It could be Greece. In the seventh century BC, it was – at least, the Greeks colonized it. All of Puglia is too much for a short break, so stick to the Salentine Peninsula for sea air, good food and the baroque architecture of Lecce. Below the links to the 2 Masseria where we will spend our week-long. "A masseria is a fortified farmhouse or country house on a country estate usually found in the Italian region of Puglia. A masseria is similar to a hacienda in Spain or a plantation in the United States. The masseria was like a rather large farm complex, where the land barons stored their food and possessions from the 16th to 18th centuries in Italy".

Puglia 2020


April 20-27, 2020