Sicily 2022

Sicily 2022 Northern, Western & Eastern Territory. OCTOBER 17-24-2022


Flavors, aromas and colors from Palermo to Siracusa through the great Baroque era. A fascinating itinerary, designed from the western Sicily to the most eastern shores of the island. We will live within the sounds of  Palermo, the antique history of  Siracusa and  Taormina, while visiting the splendid baroque and UNESCO patrimony of the surrounding towns. We will hear the sounds of the sea, the fisherman’s villages, while savoring authentic wines and tasting foods filled with the flavors of the sea and the land. These experiences will leave our eyes, minds and palates with unforgettable remembrances of this marvelous land. But most of all, we will listen to the heart of Sicily, filled with energy, luminosity, and the kindness of its people. We will touch the 3 points reflecting the land of TRINACRIA. Sicily was known by the Romans as Trinacrium, meaning “star with three points.” The word Trinacria means triangle and refers to the shape of the island. The symbol is the head of Medusa (a head of snakes) surrounded by three bent running legs and three stalks of wheat. Chef Walter Potenza and travel specialist / consultant Sheila Filipponi invite you to join us in visiting Sicily in 2020.

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